thumbnail dhondta/zotero-cli: Tinyscript tool for sorting and exporting Zotero references based on pyzotero
thumbnail safety-db/insecure_full.json at master · pyupio/safety-db · GitHub
thumbnail GitHub - josegonzalez/python-github-backup: backup a github user or organization
thumbnail Export 'pass' password store to csv (github)
thumbnail GitHub - dotcs/doimgr: Command line tool using's API to search DOIs and obtain formatted citations such as bibtex, apa, and a lot more
thumbnail [GitHub] vim-python-ide
thumbnail pypandoc 1.4 : Python Package Index
thumbnail jsonschema
thumbnail GitHub - yyuu/pyenv-virtualenvwrapper: an alternative approach to manage virtualenvs from pyenv.
thumbnail remindAt · (Florian Birée)
thumbnail metaodi/osmapi
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